Craft Made

Our small-batch pure maple syrup is made by hand at our family owned and operated sugar house in Richmond, Vermont. Over time we have gone from collecting from only 5 trees in a season to today collecting from 200.


We use carbon-neutral wood to fire our evaporator and we do not use reverse osmosis technology. We are committed to preserving the natural ecosystems in our environment, and believe that stewardship of the sugar bush is the most important part of sugar making.

Small Batch

We collect sap from our 10 acre sugar wood every day to make our pure maple syrup which contributes to our own Little Hill Sugarworks terroir. Because Pure Maple Syrup is a natural product, one batch varies from the next, which makes the experience of tasting it even better!

Slow Processed

We use a combination of vacuum pump and natural syphon created by gravity to collect the sap from our maple trees. This process does not harm the sugar maples. We also collect a small amount of sap by hand in old fashioned buckets. We do not use reverse osmosis technology.

Small-Batch Craft-Made Pure Vermont Maple Syrup